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3 Days Silent Meditation Course with Dr ALV Kumar in Hyderabad (Jun 3 to Jun 5, 2016)

This course offers full-time guidance from Dr ALV Kumar who teaches a clear, systematic method to explore the mind, drawing on 40 years of deep practical and theoretical exploration. Bringing together the ancient teachings of Patanjali & Buddha, the technique cultivates tranquility, awareness and discernment. This enables one to investigate the relationship between the conscious mind, unconscious mind and the body, leading to profound insight and peace.

It is a great opportunity! At the end of the course one can achieve 1st level of Samadhi (absorbed concentration), a blissful state and total tranquility where the mind will become totally calm and quiet, if practiced sincerely and as per instructions given by Dr. Kumar. 

Even beginners and first time meditators are also encouraged. The step by step instructions will be given in Telugu and English so that your parents (if they are not comfortable with English) can also easily understand and follow. 

A very rare opportunity one cannot afford to miss.

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