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Solvent free, pure extract -

Our ayurvedic herbal teas are available to purchase. To order please contact us.

Our mixed tea powder contains 10 herbs with powerful healing properties. These 10 herbs can also be purchased individually.

Yoga Healing Indian Herbal Tea is a pure, high quality, solvent free, extract. 100 kilograms of herbs are used to extract one kilogram so it is very concentrated. You only need 1/8th teaspoon per cup so one packet goes a long way.

Usage: Add a pinch or 1/8th teaspoon of powder to a cup of hot water, stir thoroughly, honey may be added. Four cups a day are recommended but there is no limit to how much you can drink. Store in an airtight container, avoid contact with damp spoons etc. You can even add one or two tea spoons of lemon juice.

Cost: $20 per packet

10 Herb Tea

Indian herbs are reputed and known to cure many problems. This Indian herbal tea is pure mixture of high quality solvent free extracts.

Green Tea: Altogether there are more than 3500 varieties of green tea which are have beneficial properties. Camella Sinesis  contains Catechins or Polu Phenol compounds, powerful anti oxidants which inhibit the growth of cancer, free joints, lower blood pressure and open the receptor blockages of the cells.Green tea extract has 100% catechins, ordinary green tea 40%, Oolong tea 12%, ordinary black tea only 4%.

In the far East where green tea is a popular drink the rates of heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis and asthma are considerably lower than in the West.  The green tea available from the Yoga Healing Foundation is highly concentrated. A hundred kilograms is used to extract one kilogram. 

Osimum Sanctum,Tulasi for respiratory, immunity, and the relief of stress.

Withania Somnifera, Ashwagandha for energy, the nervous system, thyroid problems, with a concentration of oestrogen for  reproductive health.

Asparagus Shatavari for perfect hormonal balance for men and women, improving reproductive health.

Cinnamon Extract regulates the blood sugar, helps weight loss, indigestion, prevents ulcers, ITA and fungal infections, good for memory.

Turmeric Curcumin known for anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and antibacterial properties. Helps prevents alzheimers, prostate, breast cancer and melanoma, is a liver detoxifier, a treatment for arthritis and a treatment for depression.

Ginger an antacid, digestive stimulant, removes lactic acid, also relieves pain.

Officianalis Emblica Amla an excellent concentrate of Vitamin C, for improving  immunity,  a powerful anti oxidant, useful for diabetes, hyper tension and arthritis.

Commifera Mukul Guggulu for treating obesity and rheumatism

Bacopa Munneri, Brahmia blood  anti coagulant, excellent brain tonic, including memory and cognitive co-ordination.

What is ordinary tea?

Ordinary tea is dust tea that are edges of tea leave which are fermented completely and calcined and it has only 4% of catechins compared to 40% of green tea or 100% of green tea extract.

If catechens are 12% it is called oolong tea, since it is semi fermented, the next quality of ordinary dust tea.

If you want to remove caffeine, when you dip the tea bag in tea, remove the first decolored water and throw it away. Then again dip in hot water, then you will get good green tea free from caffeine after you dip in for two minutes.

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