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Sun salutations were originally part of Hindu religious practices performed by priests, not part of hatha yoga. They were absorbed into hatha yoga practice because of their powerful ability to lubricate the entire spine and maintain the healthy functioning of the endocrine system.

Nowadays sun salutations are mostly practiced in yoga as only postures without mantras and by hindu priests as only mantras without accompanying postures. When the two aspects are integrated they become more effective.

Sun salutations are to be practiced with mantras for the effect of the sound vibrations on the energy centres of the body and also to give positive motivation to the mind when contemplating on the meaning.

The first round should be practiced at a medium pace ( staying in each posture for around a few seconds) while contemplating on the meaning of the mantras, the second round with bija ( seed) mantras and the third round with full awareness of the flow of energy in the body. Following this one can practice a minimum of 5 to 7 rounds at a faster pace maintaining awareness. The final round should again be slower. Then relax in tadasana, standing posture taking deeper breaths.

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  1. Do total of five to seven rounds of sun salutations.
  2. Do first round with the mantras given below.
  3. Do second round of Sun Salutations with B-Mantra as listed below.
  4. Stay in each posture for few seconds in the initial few rounds.
  5. Do the later rounds of sun salutations at faster pace.
  6. Relax in tadasana- ( standing on your toes and stretching your body up into the sky) taking deeper breaths after finishing sun salutations.

This chart shows the asanas with corresponding energy centres that both the asana and bija mantra work on.  Also, the contemplative mantras and corresponding exhalation or inhalation with each asana. Below the chart are the full mantras with meanings.

 Breath Asana and part of spine it works on Center of activity which Asana works on Contemplative Mantra "Om---Namah" and meaning
1-Exhale Pranamasana
(Dorsal spine)
(Circulatory& Respiratory system)
Om Mitraaya Namah
2-Inhale Hasta Uttanasana
(Cervical spine)
(Autonomous Nervous system)
Om Ravaye Namah
(Shining with bubbling energy)
3-Exhale Pada Hastasana
(Sacral spine)
(Urinary & Reproductive system)
Om Suryaaya Namah
(Clean & Positive energy)
4-Inhale Aswasanchalanasana
(Sacral spine)
(Hypothalamus Center)
Om Bhaanave Namah
(Illumining with your own energy)
5-Exhale Parvatasana
(Cervical spine)
(Autonomous Nervous system)
Om Khagaya Namah
(No darkness)
6-Retain Ashtanga Namanasana
(Dorsal & Lumbar spine)
(Digestive system)
Om Pushne Namah
7-Inhale Bhujangasana
(Lumbar spine)
Om Hiranya Garbaaya Namah
(Gold like Stomach)
8-Exhale Parvatasana
(Cervical spine)
Om Marichaaya Namah
(Spreading Rays)
9-Inhale Aswasanchalanasana (Sacral spine) Ajna
(Pituitary gland)
Om Adityaaya Namah
10-Exhale Padahastasana (Sacral spine) Swadhistana
(Uterus/ ovaries)
Om Savitre Namah
(Sharing all the good)
11-Inhale Hasta Uttanasana (Cervical spine) Vishuddhi
(Para & Sympathetic Nervous system)
Om Arkaaya Namah
12-Exhale Pranamasana (Dorsal spine) Anaahata
(Thymus/Adrenal glands)
Om Bhaskaraaya Namah

Mantras to be said with each posture and English translation

Fill your heart with love and compassion, love and compassion for all beings.


With contemplative/ meaningful mantras:

Om Mitrayanamah (with Pranamasana)

- Oh Sun, You are a friend of every one, let us all be friendly with every one like you.

Om Ravayenamah (with Hasta Uttanasana)

- Oh Sun, You have bubbling energy, you have sustainable energy throughout the day, let us also have the same sustainable and untiring energy through out the day.

Om Suryayanamah (Pada Hastasana)

- Oh Sun, You possess only clean and positive energy inside. No pollution you cause while producing energy. Let us also possess only clean and positive energy inside.

Om Bhanavenamah (Aswasanchalanasana)

- Oh Sun, You shine with your own energy. Let us all shine in life with our own efforts and achievements. Let us try to be independent.

Om Khagayanamah (Parvatasana)

- Oh Sun, You don’t have any darkness inside, only illumination. Let us also not have any darkness inside. Let us not have any ignorance, let us have only wisdom.

Om Pooshnenamah (Ashtanga Namanasana)

- Oh Sun, You have enormous energy and you give such a warmth for all beings, let us share only warmth to all those around us.

Om Hiranyagarbhayanamah (Bhujangasana)

- Oh Sun, You have a gold fusion energy in the stomach. Let us also have the same fusion energy inside, consume less and produce more, eat less and convert whatever we eat into energy.  Let us consume less and leave resources for the coming generations.

Om Mareechayenamah (Parvatasana)

- Oh Sun, You have created such a good atmosphere on the planet where all of us can live in peace and harmony, let us also create a good atmosphere around us so that every one around us can live happily.

Om Adityayanamah (Aswasanchalanasana)

- Oh Sun, You are the initiator, you awaken the people every day in the morning. Let us also be the initiators, let us leave our lethargy, our laziness, our boredom and let us be in the fore front of every activity in our life.

Om Savitrenamah (Padahastasana)

- Oh Sun, You have such generosity that you don’t keep any thing back but just share every thing with others. Let us also share whatever good things we have, let us share them with others.

Om Arkhayanamah (Hasta Uttanasana)

- Oh Sun, You are selfless, You use your entire mass for the benefit of others, You burnout yourself to give light to this world, let us also use this body to serve others. “Sareeram kadu dharma sadhanam”.

Om Bhaskarayanamah (Hands to heart in namaste) Your heart is the base of your mind, the base of your soul. Always fill your heart with love.

- Oh Sun, You make every thing shine around you. Let us make every one around us shine and become successful in their lives. May we all shine together.


With bija (seed) mantras:

Om Hram Mitrayanamah (with Pranamasana)

Om Hrim Ravayenamah (with Hasta Uttanasana)

Om Hroom Suryayanamah (Pada Hastasana)

Om Hraim Bhanavenamah (Aswasanchalanasana)

Om Hraum Khagayanamah (Parvatasana)

Om Hraha Pooshnenamah (Ashtanga Namanasana)

Om Hram Hiranyagarbhayanamah (Bhujangasana)

Om Hrim Mareechayenamah (Parvatasana)

Om Hroom Adityayanamah (Aswasanchalanasana)

Om Hraim Savitrenamah (Padahastasana)

Om Hraum Arkhayanamah (Hasta Uttanasana)

Om Hraha Bhaskarayanamah, Om Hraha Bhaskarayanamah (Hands to heart in namaste)

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