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At least five to seven rounds first two rounds being slow and allowing sufficient time in each posture.

Joint Exercises:

Brahma Mudras , Kari Chalan (Movement of Neck), Kara Chalan (Movement of Hands), Kati Chalan (Movement of Waist), Uru Chalan (movement of Thigh Joints), Janu Chalan (Movement of Knee Joints), etc..

(All movements 5 to 10 rounds to suit the comfort levels of the practitioner)


a)Lifting chin up in inhalation and chin down in exhalation.
b)Moving chin right side in inhalation over the shoulder and left side in exhalation.
c)Rotating neck in clockwise direction with ears touching on to shoulders, neck on to upper back, chin to the chest. Repeat the same in anti clockwise direction. Those with cervical problems should do it, if it does not cause any pain.


a)Lifting shoulders up and down moving them in forward rotation. Repeat the same in reverse motion. Inhalation in upward and exhalation in down ward.
b)Extend right hand in front and then rotate in forward direction without any bend in elbow. Repeat in backward rotation. Chest should not twist while rotating hands. Inhalation when hand goes up and exhalation when hand comes down. Repeat the same with left hand and then with both hands simultaneously.
c)Keep palms on to shoulders with elbows lifted up. Then draw big circles while rotating elbows in clockwise and anti clockwise direction.
d)Keep hands extended sideways at arms level in 180 degrees and move fore arms in and out in inhalation and exhalation bending only at elbow joints.
e)Keep arms up side ways and draw nice big circles in clock wise and anti clockwise keeping elbows fixed at arms level.
f)Extend hands in front straight move palms up and down concentrating on wrist joint. Then move them in and out. Inhale in upward and exhale in down ward movement of palms. Inhale in inward motion and exhale in out ward motion.
Make fist and rotate it in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. (Very good exercise to strengthen the heart muscles)
g)Keep hands extended in to front, make fist and throw fingers out moving hands to and fro motion. Make fist when hands come closer to chest and throw fingers out when hands go totally extended in to the front. (Very good exercise to strengthen the heart muscles.  Those who have undergone bypass surgery must do these exercises -after 3 months from the date of surgery)


Keep legs apart bend knees bit and then rotate waist in clockwise and anti clockwise like in belly dance. It forms nauli automatically. Very good to reduce the fat in the adipose tissue and good for female reproductive system, strengthens the muscles of the uterus and can effectively address all menstrual problems)

1.4)Thigh Joints:

Keep right leg in front straight and right hand extended in front, then kick right hand with left leg in inhalation. Repeat the same with other leg too. (Cardiac kicking, good for heart and good for opening up the thigh joints).


a)Sit on knees like chair rotate knees making nice circles in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. (Those with weak knee / bad knee are not supposed to do or to do carefully)
b)Stand straight then lift right knee up and hold with hands then keep foot facing down rotate the leg below knee in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Repeat the same with other leg too.


Stand straight lift your right leg straight in front and then move right foot up and down and then rotate it in clockwise and anti clockwise drawing circles.

2)Spinal Stretches:

2.1)Lateral Stretch:

Stand straight on toes, lift hands with clamped palms facing upwards stretching trunk up in inhalation and coming down restine the feet down in exhalation. (Lateral traction, good to increase the gap between vertebre and gives elasticity to the disks in between the vertebre).

2.2)Side Stretch: Stand straight with hands extended to roof palms clamped facing upwards, inhale then in exhalation bend right side keeping chest in same plane with the rest of the body move little side ways up and down and in inhalation come up straight. Repeat the same the other side too.

2.3)Twist :

Keep hands extended at arms level sideways in 180 degrees and turn waist looking at the hand that goes back. Move hands right to left and left to right looking at the hand that goes back.

2.4)Back stretch:

Stand straight with hands up and knees bent little forward and then in inhalation bend back with hands straight. Inhale exhale and in inhalation come up

2.5)Forward stretch: Stand straight with legs apart and bend forward in exhalation leaving hands just hanging free, then move trunk from right to left and left to right, moving trunk up and down like a spring. Inhale while going to right and exhale while coming to left.

3)Sharira Bandan: Inhale and exhale tighten all the muscles in the body. Repeat three times. (If done for a minute, as effective as 2 kms of brisk walk).

3. Breathing Techniques:

1) Surya Bedhi: Inhale from right nostril and exhale from left. (5 to 10 times).

2) Vibhaga mudra paranayama:

a)Keep index finger to the tip of the thumb. Sit straight and inhale deeply and exhale deeply without producing sound. Repeat six times. Observe to which part of lungs Oxygen is being supplied. It goes to upper parts.
b)Keep index finger to the middle of the thumb and breath as mentioned above.
c)Keep index finger to the bottom of the thumb and breath as mentioned above.

3) Bhasrika: Bhasrika is 50 % inhalation and 50% exhalation. Relax between each Bhasrika by inhaling and exhaling comfortably for 5 breaths.

Vyuthkrama Bhasrika: Alternate 50% rapid inhalation and 50 % rapid exhalation closing each nostril at a time. When you inhale pull the stomach out. When you exhale pull the stomach in.

Vaathkrama Bhasrika: 50% rapid inhalation from right nostril moving your head up and 50 % rapid exhalation moving your head down.

Shakthi Chalana Bhasrika: Sit in Vajrasan or Standing on Knees posture. 50% rapid inhalation stretching your hands up, opening your palms up; and 50% rapid exhalation, hands coming down, making a fist, touching to the chest on the rib cage forcefully. (Do it for 5 to 10 times). Relax by keeping palms upward on the thighs, observe sensations in your hands and in your head.

Anukrama Bhasrika: 50% Rapid inhalation, your chest goes up and 50 % rapid exhalation your chest drops down.

Anusara Bhasrika: 50% Rapid inhalation, your stomach comes out and 50 % rapid exhalation your stomach goes in. (without moving the shoulders and without shaking the body).

Ordinary Bhasrika: 50% Rapid inhalation, your chest comes down, your stomach comes out and 50 % rapid exhalation your chest goes up, your stomach goes in.

4) Vyutkrama Kapalabathi: Alternate rapid exhalations closing each nostril at a time. Do 20 in each round and practice 5 rounds. Between each round take deep inhalation and exhalation.

5) Agnisar: Stand straight inhale and in exhalation bend trunk (upper half of the body) forward then hold the breath, after exhalation pull in and push out stomach rapidly till you can hold the breath. When you can't hold and want to inhale, come up in inhalation.  Perform around 15 to 20 times in each round and making a total of ten rounds.

6) Uddiyan:
Stand straight, inhale and in exhalation bend forward and then hold the breath and pull in the abdomen such that navel touching to spine. Stomach forms CAVE,  and flies off into the thoracic cavity. When you want to inhale, come up in inhalation. Perform ten rounds.

7) Nauli:
Perform uddiyan, then push only middle part of stomach out and try to churn the stomach or intestines round and sideways. Perform 5 rounds. (Dakshina, Madhyama and Vama - Right, Centre and Left)

8) Mahabandhana:
Sit straight, breath in and out, hold breath and contract rectum muscles, abdomen and lock chin. Perform three times minimum.

9) Chandra Bedhi: Inhale from left nostril and exhale from right nostril.

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