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Residential Meditation & Yoga courses

Traditional Yoga offers 2 residential courses in an year:

1. Summer 10 day course in Sussex, UK in Aug

2. Winter 15 day course in Karnataka, India in Dec

An intensive 10 day/15 day meditation and yoga course to purify the mind and body.

The focus is on meditation but hatha yoga will comprise about 20-30% of the daily routine. This includes a two and a half hour morning session of asanas and pranayamas and an evening session of light asanas and kundalini pranayama technique. The hatha yoga is led in a way that is appropriate for a range of abilities from beginner to advanced. The atmosphere is relaxed and non competitive.

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Some feedback from the last course

Daily Routine:

Each day begins at 5am with meditation, each session will last about 1 hour and there will be approximately 7 meditations per day. In order to relax the body there will be gentle stretching for 10-15 minutes between each mediation, followed by a break when ayurvedic herbal tea will be served. Meals are home-cooked with nourishing vegetarian food. After lunch there is a period for rest before the afternoon meditations begin. Every evening Kumar gives a discourse clarifying the theory behind the techniques given, sharing his knowledge and experience of the spiritual path and illustrating, with humour and intelligence, how we can apply these teachings to daily life.

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Code of Conduct:

For the duration of the course all students resolve to practice Yama, a code of conduct outlined by Patanjali and to maintain noble silence. The aim of this is to make a purposeful choice to close the sense doors, allowing focus and awareness to stay within rather than in the outside world. Kumar says that the ‘mind is like a room, if the room is to be cleaned, first we have to close all the doors and windows so that no additional dust comes in’.

Yama involves maintaining Ahimsa, (non violence /abstaining from harming) ; Satya, (speaking truth/ abstaining from lies); Asteya, (abstaining from stealing); Brahmacharya, (abstaining from sexual activities); Aparigraaha, (abstaining from intoxicants including tobacco). 


All students must observe noble silence from the time Kumar announces the start of the noble silence (the evening on which the course begins) until he announces the end (during the last day).  He will announce the end when we are in the meditation hall, however, the students are suggested to refrain from talking in the hall until the end of the course and, as far as possible, restrict conversation to meditation and the dhamma.

Noble Silence means silence of body, speech, and mind. Students should avoid any form of communication with fellow students and Peradur Centre staff whether by gestures, sign language, written notes, eye contact etc.  In addition, students are requested to refrain from all phone and email contact, reading, writing, radio, TV and listening to music.

Kumar will meet with each student individually at various times throughout the course.  He will let us know when to expect him.  In addition, if you would like to talk to him privately to clarify any practice or course-related matters at any time, please write your name in the book in the meditation hall and he will find you.  Please do not approach him at other times.

Students are requested, as far as possible, to refrain from wearing perfume, aftershave or strongly scented creams or other products.  During courses, as awareness becomes more acute, students’ senses can become very keen and what usually smells pleasant can be overpowering.  Students are also requested  to refrain from wearing jewellery and make-up during the course.

Clothes should be modest, loose and comfortable for yoga and meditation.

It is not necessary to take notes during the retreat as we will email you a document covering the content of the discourses etc. after the course.  We can also provide you with details of the health information that Kumar will impart during the course and we will have cds available to purchase at the end of the course which cover the yoga asanas and  pranayamas  we practice on the course.

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Course Location:

Course location is subject to change in future based on the needs.

1. Summer Course - The course will be held at the Peradur Centre, situated in peaceful wooded countryside. The closest station, East Grinstead is 55 minutes from London Victoria.

2. Winter Course - The course is held in Vihangama resort in the heart of a national forest, next to the river Tunga in the peaceful surroundings of the Western Ghat region of Karnataka. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty and purity  and the forest has been a place of yoga practice for thousands of years. In December the climate is sunny and warm but not too hot.

The resort is family run and we have exclusive use of it to ensure that there is no disturbance from other visitors. The food is healthy, vegetarian and home cooked. There are a combination of single and shared rooms available. The rooms are comfortable, quiet and clean with views of the coconut plantations and river. We have use of  the main hall for meditation and morning yoga practice as well as a thatched out door meditation room on the beach of the river. We practice evening yoga on the river beach as the sun is setting.

The closest airport is Mangalore and from there one can take a taxi or bus to the resort. Bangalore which is an international airport with direct flights from Heathrow is also fairly close. We can help to organise  transportation from either airport.

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Course cost:

The course costs are split between residential costs/ donation costs.

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact us for further information. Meditation cushion ans sheets worth 41 pounds or 65$ are given for free with the winter meditation course.

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Some feedback from the last course:

“Kumar is one of the most generous, experienced and loving people who I have had a chance to meet in my life and it was a privilege to study with him. Working together with him and a small and lovely group of people in ideal conditions was a real gift.”

“Kumar has been really significant for me, he has helped me to put into the right perspective the meaning of spirituality and he helped me to focus on the right path.”

“I went on my first ten day workshop with Kumar as a complete beginner to yoga and with not much meditation experience.  I now practice every day.  The quality and clarity of the teaching is exemplary and focuses on individual needs.  The atmosphere is friendly and inviting.  These retreats offer a really valuable opportunity to go deeply into this practice guided at the very highest level.  An opportunity not to be missed.”

“After Kumar taught me insight meditation I experienced significant changes in my daily life. I feel less reactive, more clear and energetic. His skill as a teacher, his level of awareness and his compassion creates an opportunity to undertake the challenging task of really removing old habitual patterns.”

“With intelligence, compassion and humour, Kumar guided me to deeper insight and an understanding of how to apply what I had learnt to my daily life in a very practical way.  After my first course with Kumar I was much calmer and happier and now, after 2 years, this has intensified in a way I would not have imagined possible.”

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