Dear Yogi Aspirant,

Thank you for submitting your application. Please read below the selection process of an aspirant to the course.

Selection Process for the course

Upon successful registration you will be assigned a mentor who can speak languages you mentioned.

Mentor will interact over phone/WhatsApp to check the suitability of the student for the course.

If you fail to lift the call, a message will be sent by mentor for interaction. Any failure to respond this message within the stipulated time, will lead to rejection of your application.

Upon successful interaction only, you will be given accses to the course.

Please note that, registration of application, doesn't give any right to access the course. It is sole discretion of the  mentor to approve or reject the application after the interaction.

Upcoming Course

Yoga Healing Foundation is a registered non-profit organization run by volunteers that delivers programs under the heading of Traditional Yoga
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