RYT200 – Eligibility and Suitability

Although the content will be advanced, it is suitable for all levels including beginners. At whatever stage you are on your journey in Yoga, this course will bring new levels of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. What you need is an open-mind and a hunger to learn. People at all levels of fitness are eligible to join and those with disabilities are welcome. As Dr. Kumar has said in his webcasts, this course is not for intellectuals but for those who are interested in applying the knowledge into their daily lives through practice.+

“Yoga is a soul worshipping program not a body worshipping program”

The course is suitable for those who are motivated to learn from Dr. Kumar and value this rare opportunity to learn from a fully enlightened teacher with a lifetime of experience in traditional ashrams and schools across India and S.E. Asia. It is not suitable for those who are looking for a conventional yoga teacher training or are looking to simply attain a qualification in Yoga in order to teach. It will be unlike any other Yoga Teacher Training course currently offered. The information will ground participants in the fundamental principles of Yoga, including those that are often overlooked. It will offer insights into areas of learning that are extremely important yet difficult to find on Yoga training courses. For this reason, many teacher trainers with decades of experience choose to learn with Dr. Kumar because the knowledge he has to offer cannot be found elsewhere.

“Dr Kumar has generously been sharing his knowledge with the world in daily free live lectures and practice on his YouTube channel since lockdown commenced.  Dr Kumar explains how yoga works from a scientific viewpoint with profound insight.  I feel fortunate to have been studying with Kumar for over 10 years;  he practices what he preaches, he is a true yogi; any opportunity to work with him is valuable.”- Rosemary Prema Bennett (A BWY Diploma Course Tutor and a well known and highly respected international teacher who has been teaching since 1985)

Click here for Video Testimonials from Dr. Kumar’s meditation retreat, including 3 British Yoga teacher trainers who have studied with Dr. Kumar.

The course requires you to be able to accept learning whatever Dr. Kumar chooses to teach based on his expert understanding of the topics that are most useful for Yoga teachers and wider society, with the needs of the present and future in mind.

The course will be a wonderful and challenging  journey for those who are seeking authentic yogic knowledge. The challenge will not be due to workload, but because it will invite you to rethink your way of life and be open to making changes to your outlook and lifestyle in order to achieve the purpose of Yoga. We welcome you to join and recommend that you watch the current free webcasts as a foundation and to help you make the decision about whether you are suitable for this training.+

In particular please watch the following clips:

Introduction to Yoga Teacher Training

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Yogi Training

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The six qualities necessary for a student of Yoga– given by Shankaracharya (8th Century Saint and Teacher)

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