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User Manual

  • Click on Login on top right corner of the webpage.
  • Login with your registered user id and password or using your Facebook or Google credentials.
    • Do not create a new login.
    • If you forget your username or password, please click “FORGOT PASSWORD” in the screenshot below. You will receive an email from to reset your password in few minutes. Sometimes, it may take a couple of hours for you to receive a password reset email due to several users using the system.
    • In case you still face issues, please reach out to us at and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Due to high volume of requests, we will respond on first come first serve basis and may not respond immediately. Thank you for your patience
  • First unit is “Test of Surrender” please complete this quiz to check your eligibility for the course based on your understanding of Code of Discipline and expected attitude of a student of Yoga.
  • Click on “START QUIZ” to start the test.
  • After you complete the Test of Surrender, you will come to the following webpage. Click on “CHECK RESULTS“.
  • When you click on “CHECK RESULTS” button in the above screen, the following pop-up will will appear. Please scroll all the way down to see your total score. You may retake the quiz if you score less than 15. You will have two additional attempts to retake test.
  • Second unit will be LIVE CLASS of the sessions when the course begins and the stream will be available during the specified time and then available as a recording afterwards. When you login next time, you will see the following screen with the button “CONTINUE COURSE” to take second unit and further units.
  • After watching the video click on the Return to Course button to exit the course page

FAQ and Trouble shooting

  • If you are unable to login
    • Please check the password and if you forgot password click on “Forgot Password”
    • If you use Google or FB, please check the respective password
  • Error: Can’t take course contact admin (Error in image below)
    • Please refresh the browser couple of times and check and if the issue still persists then, please clear cookies from your browser and login again

June 29, 2021

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